Video-VR-Audio-Installation (Exhibition project)

The Dream Speed art project is an audio, VR and video installation that takes place in the physical and virtual world. It is an extended reality (XR) in the best sense of the word. A reality on different levels, similar to a dream.
To build a bridge between the levels, the artists of the exhibition project „Dream Speed“ use typical 3D digital material. The same 3D models and materials are also used by the artists for the video part and the VR environments. The soundtrack of „Dream Speed“ explores and manipulates the tempo, condenses and connects the experiential spaces or opens them up. The viewer can move physically and virtually between the physical, auditory spaces and the VR worlds, experiencing them with different senses.

Curated by Leo Kuelbs (Concept and Video) and Vadim Schäffler (Concept and VR)

Visual Art by: Mohsen Hazrati, Hye Rim Lee, Eva Davidova and MX Oops, Sarah Oh-Mock, Dagmar Schürrer, Vadim Schäffler

Sound by Kris Force


Every human being dreams.
Some at night, others in their daydreams.  Small fragments – images, surreal moments, short and open stories – confusion and longing.  Everyone lives in different states, in shifted realities.  Everyone knows the building blocks of dreams.

In today’s world, the accelerated simultaneity of human events often seems surreal and enraptured.  It seems like random reportage from the depths of collective and personal memory.  At the same time, our digital counterparts are exploring their own versions of this collective source and offering to create new dreams for us.  So today we live in a world of accelerated dreaming.

On what level and in what ways can humans and their digital counterparts meet to create and own dreams together, to fight or try to escape them?  In the exhibition „Dream Speed“, various artists explore the breadth of the theme.

Dream-Speed l VR-experience l Vadim Schäffler

The visitor encounters the grinning skeleton in virtual reality, or more precisely, many skeletons. They circle the visitor, sometimes speaking to him or pushing him away. In the center of the game area, a skeleton lies in a lotus flower that slowly opens and closes. The skeleton sleeps and sometimes smiles.

Dream-Speed at DUMBOGLOW - pop-up-exhibtion - Dokumentation - New York

„Dream Speed“ is an audio, VR and video installation that takes place in the physical and virtual world.
Dream-Speed at DUMBOGLOW, Pop-Up-exhibtion, New York